Linda Schneider, M.A. is business woman, as well as a dynamic, results-focused trainer, coach, and instructional designer. She has been a force in training for 20 years, using games, NLP, adult learning practices, training tricks, coaching skills, and hypnosis to create lasting impact for real estate agents, corporate sales reps, and entrepreneurs.

Leadership Training Consultant
From 1996 to 2000, Linda worked as a leadership consultant for Franklin Covey, customizing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, What Matters Most/Focus Time Management, and other Covey courses for Fortune 500 companies.

Real Estate Trainer
As senior real estate trainer for the nationwide real estate training company, By Referral Only, Linda designed and delivered quarterly seminars across the U.S., teaching referral-generation strategies, direct-response marketing, business management, self-motivation, presentation, and sales skills to By Referral Only members.

Consultative Sales Trainer
As instructional designer for ResMed, Linda created global coaching and sales training programs, with special emphasis on avoiding pushy-sounding sales techniques in favor of using consulting and soft selling skills.

Real Estate Career
Linda started her real estate career in the 1980’s in Salt Lake City, when as a young pup she embraced the Mike Ferry “door knocking” approach. After getting her degree Linguistics and International Education, she moved to Japan, and then later to Indonesia, where she did teacher training at refugee camps, which led to her career in corporate training. Now, coming full circle, she is a licensed real estate agent in California, where she divides her time between coaching, parenting, and real estate business consulting.

Linda speaks on consultative selling and is available for keynote addresses. Please contact Linda at
619-606-3021 or sending an email.